Christie’s Story

Christie was shocked when she had a positive pregnancy test at her primary care provider’s office. At the time, she was unemployed and the father of the baby, Luke, was no more than a friend she had been hooking up with for a few months. Christie knew Luke would have no interest in being a father or supporting her through pregnancy.

She shared her fear and desperation to not be pregnant with her primary care doctor. The doctor provided Christie with a referral to an abortion clinic in another town. Christie called the abortion clinic and was not only scheduled for an appointment two weeks later but was also offered financial aid to make the procedure “more affordable.” 


After the appointment with the abortion clinic was scheduled, Luke called Care Net Owensboro. Before he gave Christie any money to help with the abortion cost, he wanted to make sure she was “really pregnant.” We saw Christie and Luke the next day. Christie received an ultrasound but did not appear to be moved by the images on the screen. Our nurse talked at length with Christie and Luke about their pregnancy options and encouraged them to slow down and not rush into a decision.

Christie appeared disconnected during the conversation. Luke insisted that he did not want to be a father, nor was he open to the idea of adoption. Despite Christie’s ambivalent attitude, she accepted the printed ultrasound images offered to her. The next day, our nurse called Christie to review the doctor’s comments on her ultrasound. Christie shared with the nurse that she was still undecided about the pregnancy and that Luke definitely wanted her to abort. However, Christie had shown the ultrasound images to her mom and sister. Both expressed their desire for Christie to carry and parent and promised their help, but said they would support whatever decision she made.

The nurse offered Christie the opportunity to return to CNO in one week for another ultrasound. Christie’s cousin came with her to the second ultrasound appointment. The tone of that appointment was very different. Christie and her cousin were both in awe of the images of her baby on the screen. Christie shared that she had decided to carry and parent, without Luke’s involvement. She canceled the abortion appointment and began seeing a local OBGYN. Christie is the mother of a thriving baby today because of God’s work through the services provided to her at CNO.